Colt Ar-15/M16 9mm Dedicated Conversion Block. Genuine Colt 9mm AR-15/M16 magazine well adapter converts standard AR-15/M16 lowers for use with Colt 9mm Upper Receivers. Accepts Colt 9mm style magazines, such as those from Metalform or Brownells. Includes ejector and feedramp. Adapter is machined from aluminum, with steel hardware and components. Receiver modification is required for installation.

Colt Ar-15/M16 9mm Dedicated Conversion Block

Colt Ar-15/M16 9mm Dedicated Conversion Block

Heavy Buffers 308 Ar Car-10 Buffer. Allows for installation of standard ar15 carbine stock on .308 ARs AR-15 buffers are too long and restrict bolt movement on .308 ARs with AR-15 stocks Simple drop-in installation Modified AR-10 buffer spring is recommended for maximum reliability Reduces felt recoil Compatible with .308 ARs ranging from: Armalite, DPMS, Remington, Knight’s, LMT, Larue, POF, Mega, Fulton, And CMMG 5.5 ounces 303 stainless steel with a tungsten anti-bounce counterweight Get the Modified AR-10 Buffer Spring.

Heavy Buffers 308 Ar Car-10 Buffer

Ke Arms Llc Ar-15 Kp-15 Complete Lower Receivers Mil-Spec Polymer. What makes this lower different than its counterparts? The answer is simplea | the KE Arms KP-15 is a monolithic polymer AR-15 style lower receiver made from injection molded, 30% glass-filled nylon. Its unique design incorporates the buffer tube, pistol grip, trigger and a 13-inch buttstock into the receiver as integral components. The result is an affordably priced, lightweight lower receiver. The KE Arms KP-15 lower receiver uses a carbine buffer and spring. The take down and pivot pins have built-in detents, which increases durability by eliminating the spring and detent holes. The buffer detent is held in place with a 5/64″ rol

Ke Arms Llc Ar-15 Kp-15 Complete Lower Receivers Mil-Spec Polymer

Sons Of Liberty Gun Works Ar-15 Stripped Upper Receiver. The Sons of Liberty Gun Works AR-15 Upper receivers are built from mil-spec 7075-T6 forgings from the lead forge in the U.S. They contour is fully machined leaving no flash marks from the forging. We take extra care when machining our upper receivers resulting in tolerances that are tighter and fits that are better than other upper receivers. We use mil-spec Matte black hard-coat anodized Mil 8625 Type 3 Class 2 finish. Try one today and feel the difference.

Sons Of Liberty Gun Works Ar-15 Stripped Upper Receiver

Mountain Tactical T3/T3x Gen 2 Bottom Metal. Things keep getting better and better! The Mountain Tactical Gen2 Bottom Metal includes updates based on customer feedback. The trigger guard has been rounded to eliminate hard corners that could cause discomfort while shooting. Pulling design cues from classic, American bolt action rifles, the Mountain Tactical Company Tikka Bottom Metal a great addition to any factory Tikka T3 or T3x! The purpose of the Tikka T3 OEM replacement bottom metal is to get rid of another piece of plastic on the rifle that is prone to flexing which causes some of Tikka’s magazines to get stuck in the magwell or shooters to have flyers compromising accuracy. The Trigger Guar

Mountain Tactical T3/T3x Gen 2 Bottom Metal

Smith & Wesson Sw M&P15 Stripped Lower Receiver 5.56mm. This Smith & Wesson AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver is marked M&P 15 and utilizes .223 Remington / 5.56 NATO cal. If you have an AR-15 build planned, this lower is a great place to start. 6061-T6 Aluminum Lower. This lower is constructed of 6061-T6 Aluminum and features a black finish and an open trigger guard. This lower provides good bang for the buck and should present no problems using after market parts and all mil-spec parts to make a nice

Smith & Wesson Sw M&P15 Stripped Lower Receiver 5.56mm

Odin Works Ar-15 Billet Upper Receiver. Today’s AR-15 builders are looking for components that aid in cutting away unnecessary weight and bulk, allowing them to build trimmer, sleeker, leaner rifles that can be carried with ease while still providing premium performance. The ODIN Works AR-15 Billet Upper Receiver does just that, trimming away the forward assist. The upper receiver also features a trimmed down brass deflector, which contributes to a clean look that’ll give you a minimalist platform that has everything you need and nothing you don’t. The receiver ships with no internal parts, providing AR builders with a blank canvas to build a minimalist AR-15 that fulfills their needs.

Odin Works Ar-15 Billet Upper Receiver

Foxtrot Mike Products Ar-15 Mike-45 45acp Billet Lower Receiver Stripped. Looking to build a custom PCC with a little bigger bang? The Foxtrot Mike Products AR-15 Mike-45 Stripped lower receiver is a prefect place to start. These billet .45 Auto lower receivers are stripped down for your Mil-Spec triggers and lower parts, but also includes a pre-installed proprietary bolt release and magazine release. These are designed to feed from Glock .45 Auto magazines and features a last round bolt hold open. The Mike-45 stripped lowers are machined from 7075-T6 billet aluminum and feature an all-black finish. The receivers are completely made in the USA and are covered under a lifetime warranty.

Foxtrot Mike Products Ar-15 Mike-45 45acp Billet Lower Receiver Stripped