Colt Enhanced Patrol Rifle Epr 5.56 M4 Upper Receiver Groups. The Colt EPR, or Enhanced Patrol Rifle, line of M4 Upper Receivers that come with Centurion Arms free float M-LOK handguards, making for a convenient and practical upper receiver ready to drop on your AR-15 lower receiver. Available in 3 different barrel lengths, each is chrome lined, has a 1-7 twist, is button rifled, and has a phosphate finish. You can also choose between complete, which includes a M16 bolt carrier group and charging handle or stripped which does not include those items. All NFA rules apply.

Colt Enhanced Patrol Rifle Epr 5.56 M4 Upper Receiver Groups

Colt Enhanced Patrol Rifle Epr 5.56 M4 Upper Receiver Groups

Aero Precision Ar 308 M5 Lower Parts Kits with Moe Grip. Who doesn’t love adding a Magpul MOE grip to their latest AR build? Magpul is one of the most-popular AR-15 furniture companies on the market for a reason, as builders are buying their furniture and tossing mil-spec furniture included in lower parts kits. So why not buy a parts kit with Magpul furniture included? That’s what Aero Precision did with its AR 308 M5 Lower Parts Kit, complete with a Magpul MOE pistol grip. Here’s what you’ll receive in this complete lower parts kit: Magpul MOE Grip in Black or FDE M5 Takedown Pin M5 Pivot Pin Takedown/Pivot Detent Takedown/Pivot Spring M5 Bolt Catch Bolt Catc

Aero Precision Ar 308 M5 Lower Parts Kits W/ Moe Grip

Bergara Premier Series Actions Prc. Hornady designed and launched the 6.5 PRC and 300 PRC cartridges recently to give long-range shooters an edge, thanks to the magnum-size cartridge bodies that allow more powder to be packed behind these high BC bullets. To accommodate shooters looking to build the optimum platform for these rounds, Bergara developed its Remington 700 Premier Series Actions sized right for these PRC cartridges. The Bergara Premier Series action is constructed around a two-lug bolt system complete with a floating bolt head that’s separate from the bolt body. This ensures that the bolt head makes complete contact with the lug abutments, and a cone-shaped bolt nose ensures that the cartridge feeds se

Bergara Premier Series Actions Prc

Aero Precision Ar .308 M5 Lower Parts Kits with Moe Sl Grip. Aero Precision’s line of Lower Parts Kits featuring Magpul Grips is designed to be versatile for your needs. Each kit is available with MOE and MOE SL Grip Options in Black and FDE. Buy with our tried and true mil-spec Fire Control Group or save for an upgraded trigger with our MINUS FCG offerings. This M5 Lower Parts Kit includes the components needed to assemble an Aero Precision M5 Lower Receiver. It features a Magpul MOE SL Grip. See below for a full list of included components. *M5 Specific Parts include: M5 Takedown Pin, M5 Pivot Pin, M5 Bolt Catch and Extended Magazine Catch Button. Magpul MOE SL Grip in Black *M5 Take

Aero Precision Ar .308 M5 Lower Parts Kits W/ Moe Sl Grip

Ke Arms Llc Ke-9 Stripped Upper Receiver 9mm. To complete your next AR build, you’ll need an upper receiver to match. This KE Arms KE-15 Stripped Upper Receiver is designed as a blank template for the upper half of your dream build, so you can incorporate the components you want in your finished rifle. This KE Arms KE-15 Upper Receiver features a flattop design complete with U.S. military-style T markings. This upper design makes it easy to attach any optics or other accessories, and the T markings make it easy to place removed optics or accessories right back where they were to preserve zero. The upper receiver is machined from 7075 forged aluminum and features mil-spec standards, so you can use all mil-spec components

Ke Arms Llc Ke-9 Stripped Upper Receiver 9mm

Aero Precision Ar-15 M4e1 Stripped Lower Receivers 5.56mm. Aero Precision’s M4E1 Stripped Lower Receiver delivers the strength and unique looks of a billet machined lower, with the lower cost, lighter weight, and easy parts compatibility of a forged lower. The M4E1 starts as an “enhanced” forging from extra-strong 7075 T6 aluminum that is precision machined to final dimensions for compatibility with all standard “mil-spec” AR-15 parts. As a bonus, the good-looking M4E1 has a streamlined profile, without the chunky appearance of many milled lowers. Actually, the Aero Precision M4E1 Stripped Lower Receiver is not quite “stripped.” Extra benefits include an integral triggerguard, which creates a more rigid, s

Aero Precision Ar-15 M4e1 Stripped Lower Receivers 5.56mm

Brownells Ar-15 Gi Lower Parts Kit With Adjustable Stock Assembly. The KE Arms AR-15 GI Parts Kit has every part you need to assemble your bare lower receiver into a functional piece for your custom AR-15 or M4 build. All parts Made in USA! Now available with the Brownells AR-15 Collapsible Stock Assembly. The AR-15 collapsible buttstock similar to the current US GI M4 carbine stock provides convenient six-position length-of-pull adjustment to fit different-size shooters, including those wearing body armor. Ready to install on any standard AR-15 rifle or carbine lower receiver; includes buffer tube, receiver lock plate, lock nut, toe-mounted steel sling loop, carbine recoil spring and buffer. Buttstock is made from extremely tough, fiberglass-reinfor

Brownells Ar-15 Gi Lower Parts Kit With Adjustable Stock Assembly

Christensen Arms Mesa 300 Prc Barreled Action. The heart of the famous Christensen Mesa is now available as a foundation for your build. Compatible with long action Rem 700 footprint stocks, you can make your Christensen Mesa barreled action in any configuration you choose. Please note that while most Rem 700 footprint stocks and actions are drop-in compatible, stocks may require slight modification and fitting in certain areas. This barreled Action features a 416T stainless steel action, chambered in 300 PRC, with a 24-inch stainless steel barrel with a 1:8 twist cerakoted in Tungsten.

Christensen Arms Mesa 300 Prc Barreled Action