Faxon Firearms Ar-15 Barrels 300 Blackout Gunner Profile. Faxon’s .300 AAC Blackout Gunner Barrels are machined from hardened 4150 Chrome moly in a unique contour that balances rigidity – for excellent accuracy – with light weight for maneuverability. From the muzzle back to the gas block .300 AAC Blackout Gunner Barrels match Faxon’s skinny “Pencil” profile to keep weight down and preserve ease of handling. There’s more metal from the gas block back to the barrel extension to provide rigidity and combat distortion due to heat buildup during long shooting sessions. Available in 7.5″ and 10.5″, with gas port drilled for pistol length gas tube, and 16″ with carbine-length gas port Gas Port:

Faxon Firearms Ar-15 Barrels 300 Blackout Gunner Profile

Faxon Firearms Ar-15 Barrels 300 Blackout Gunner Profile

Faxon Firearms Ar-15 Suppressor Optimized Barrel 5.56. Faxon and Brownells have again teamed up to bring a unique barrel to market with this line of AR-15 Suppressor Optimized Barrels chambered in 5.56. One of the unique design features in this line of barrels is the tapered muzzle shoulder which allows for direct mounting of suppressors from companies like Q LLC or Sig Sauer. If you don’t yet have a suppressor that utilizes the tapered mounting or you simple want to mount a conventional muzzle devise don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Each barrel comes with an adapter that gives you a standard ninety degree should angle. The Suppressor Optimized Barrels have a medium taper profile, 1/2-28 threads, 1-8 rate

Faxon Firearms Ar-15 Suppressor Optimized Barrel 5.56

Faxon Firearms Ar-15 5.56 Gov’T/Socom Barrels. Faxon’s Gov’t / SOCOM 5.56 AR-15 barrel profile is a mix of the standard M4 profile and a heavy profile – skinny behind the gas block with a thicker O.D. ahead of it for a good balance of rigidity and manageable weight. Machined from 4150 CMV carbon steel for an excellent balance accuracy and longevity, and QPQ Nitride coated inside and out for amazing corrosion resistance and durability. All Faxon Gov’t / SOCOM 5.56 AR-15 barrels are fully stress-relieved, air-gauge tested, and individually checked for headspace by precision custom hardened gauges. They are put through a battery of tests at each operation until they a final inspected and allowed out

Faxon Firearms Ar-15 5.56 Gov'T/Socom Barrels

Cmmg Ar-15/M16 300 Blk Barrels. Direct replacement for the standard .223/5.56mm barrel converts your AR-15 to the high-performance 300 AAC Blackout cartridge. The 300 AAC lets you upgrade your rifle to 7.62 x 39 ballistics, while retaining the standard AR-15/M16 bolt, carrier, and magazine at its full capacity, with no additional modifications. 1-7″ rifling accepts bullet weights from 110 gr to 220 gr, and 5/8″-24 muzzle threads accept popular AR-.308 flash suppressors and muzzle brakes. Three models available, 16″, 12.5″ and 8.2″ long and treated inside and out with CMMG’s “Wasp” nitriding process for outstanding resistance to wear and corrosion. 16″ barr

Cmmg Ar-15/M16 300 Blk Barrels

Sons Of Liberty Gun Works Ar-15 Combat Grade Barrels. Sons of Liberty Gunworks makes some of the best combat-ready barrels on the market, and they’re durable and versatile enough to run in a variety of configurations, especially suppressed or unsuppressed, without the need for an adjustable gas block. The company’s Combat Grade AR-15 Barrels are duty ready and available in a variety of configurations for the AR-15 enthusiast or professional user. For those building or upgrading rifles chambered in 5.56 NATO, the SOLGW Combat Grade Barrel lineup can be had with a carbine-length gas system in 10.5- or 11.5-inch lengths. For those looking for a mid-length gas system, barrel lengths are available in 13.7-, 14.5- and 16-inch lengths.

Sons Of Liberty Gun Works Ar-15 Combat Grade Barrels

Brownells Ar-15 Hybrid 5.56 Barrel. Ideal for both pistols and SBRs, Brownell’s Hybrid barrel is designed to be the ideal barrel for lightweight versatile weapons. Set at 11.5″ length balancing velocity to weapon maneuverability, our 11.5″ lightweight barrel is manufactured with a carbine length gas system. Gas block journals are 1.9″ long and .625″ diameter for compatibility across any gas system piston or DI. The barrels are 100% percent full-auto and suppressor rated with concentric 1/2×28 threads, complete with relieved shoulder. For maximum reliability and accuracy, we feature a 5.56 NATO chamber with 1/8 twist conventional rifling. 4150 GBQ, Fully Stress Relieved Stee

Brownells Ar-15 Hybrid 5.56 Barrel

Cmc Triggers Ar-15 Barrels Socom Profile .223 Wylde. CMC BARRELS AR15 Barrels 7.5″, 10.5″, and 16.25″ .223 WYLDE, 1:7, 41V50, CrMoV designs are the perfect addition to your SBR or Pistol build! You do not want your SBR or Pistol barrel to be too light or too heavy, so the CMC Barrels AR15 Barrel is your solution! CMC’s AR15 Barrels are made from 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium, coated in H&M Blacknitride+ for increased wear resistance, chambered in .223 Wylde so that you can feed it both .223 and 5.56 NATO ammo. CMC incorporated input received from military, law enforcement and civilian shooters into the engineering of their AR15 barrels to accommodate modern-day shooting requirements. Every barrel is

Cmc Triggers Ar-15 Barrels Socom Profile .223 Wylde

Brownells Ruger 10/22 Bx-Trigger W/Target Barrel. The 10/22 BX-Trigger features a light, crisp 2.5-3.0 lb trigger pull, with minimal over travel. Rugged, reliable and safe, this new and improved Genuine Ruger Factory Accessory comes in a completely self-contained module and is easy to install. The BX-Trigger features a Polymer construction and drop-in installation. Fits Ruger 10/22 rifles or 22 Charger Pistol. Paired with a heavy contour, premium-grade “Bentz” chambered .22 LR barrel provides an immediate improvement in accuracy over your original factory barrel. Close-tolerance Bentz chamber combines the accuracy of a match grade cham

Brownells Ruger~ 10/22~ Bx-Trigger W/Target Barrel