Faxon Firearms Ar-15 Lightweight 5.56 Bolt Carrier Complete. Faxon Firearms set out to create a bolt carrier group that could live up to the GUNNER name with no compromise in strength or function. They set specifications that would allow no compromise: Lightest Weight Possible MIL-SPEC Materials & Finishes or Better! Forward Assist Serrations Compatible with Dust Covers Maintains Full-Auto Trip Sear for full-auto and the new multi-stage trigger functionality Looks Amazing Matching their barrels, they selected the QPQ method of Salt Bath Nitride for all the carriers’ components. By coating all parts, the carrier’s natural slickness is increased markedly requiring less ga

Faxon Firearms Ar-15 Lightweight 5.56 Bolt Carrier Complete

Faxon Firearms Ar-15 Lightweight 5.56 Bolt Carrier Complete

Angstadt Arms, Llc Ar-15 9mm Bolt Carrier Group. The one-piece Angstadt Arms’ 9mm Bolt / Carrier Group is a complete bolt assembly for your blowback-operated AR-15 chambered specifically in 9mm Luger. The underside is ramped to ensure proper clearance for use of a standard AR-15 rifle/carbine hammer – no need to spend extra money on a dedicated 9mm hammer. Furthering its versatility, the Angstadt Arms’ 9mm Bolt / Carrier Group is compatible with both Glock and Colt 9mm magazines – no modifications required to use either mag! Machined 8620 carbon steel alloy Tough QPQ black nitride finish Works with Glock pistol and Colt SMG 9mm magazines The Angstadt Arms 9mm Bolt / Carrier Group come

Angstadt Arms Llc Ar-15 9mm Bolt Carrier Group

J P Enterprises Ar.308 Bolt Carrier. The JP Enterprises full mass .308 carrier is designed to provide greater reliability in suppressed setups as well as SBRs and rifles without an adjustable gas system. Heavier than a standard DPMS LR-308 carrier, the JPBC-5 allows for the additional cycling delay required for reliable function in such setups. This design incorporates forward assist serrations, making it compatible with both DPMS and Armalite rifles. Each carrier also includes out Enhanced Gas Ring for more reliable function. Requires DPMS-pattern bolt, firing pin and cam pin. For a complete operating system, this carrier pairs best with the JPSCS-10H. Weight: 15.31 oz. with key installed.

J P Enterprises Ar.308 Bolt Carrier

J P Enterprises 308 Ar Low Mass Bolt Carriers. Reduced-weight bolt/carrier assembly helps tame felt recoil on a JP or DPMS or Remington AR-style .308 rifle . Carrier features the same type of weight-reducing cuts found on the original JPBC-3 AR-15 bolt carrier to give the same benefits your .308. Wide carrier rails have extra bearing surface to improve bolt alignment and reduce wear. Carrier key is already installed and staked. Available with QPQ or polished stainless finish. See SPECS for the Compatibility Notice.

J P Enterprises 308 Ar Low Mass Bolt Carriers

Ke Arms Llc M16 Complete Bcg with Upgraded Gas Key Chrome. Semi-Auto/ Full Auto M16 Complete bolt carrier group made by Young Manufacturing Inc. using MILSPEC quality steel on our in-house CNC machines. All carriers are then heat-treated, hard-chromed and each carrier is chrome-lined in the bolt throat. Standard MIL-SPEC carrier with additional care taken during machining process Sharp edges and rough finishes eliminated. Will NOT shred fingers and operates smoothly Hard chromed after heat treatment Made of same steel and using same processes as our National Match but to standard MILSPEC design The HMB Bolt by HM Defense eliminates the pass through cam pin hole and replaces it with a cam pin socket and radiused cam

Ke Arms Llc M16 Complete Bcg W/ Upgraded Gas Key Chrome

Rubber City Armory Ar-15 Low Mass 5.56 Bolt Carrier Group. A major player on the 3Gun scene the RCA low mass BCG is compatible with all AR-15 platform systems. Made from 8620 steel and finished with H&M’s Blacknitride+ treatment this carrier is lighter than the standard M16 carrier. Weighing in at just over 8.9 ounces the RCA competition carrier makes a noticable difference in felt recoil. The carrier comes with the Nitrided and side staked stainless steel billet gas key, our Nitrided 17-4 stainless firing pin and our precision machined 9310 nitrided bolt with tool steel extractor.

Rubber City Armory Ar-15 Low Mass 5.56 Bolt Carrier Group

Brownells Brn-4 416/Mr556 Complete Bolt Carrier Group. BRN-4 Complete Bolt Carrier Group for 416 Type Firearms This Completely assembled BRN-4 Bolt Carrier Group is ready to drop into HK 416, MR556 or other compatible upper receivers & firearms. Utilizing high quality materials, finishes and inspection criteria, this BCG provides great value as a replacement or build component. The Brownells BRN-4 bolt is machined from high performance 9310 steel, heat treated, magnetic particle inspected for defects and finished in Black Nitride. The Black Nitride finish combined with the piston operating system makes for extremely simple cleanup. BRN-4 Bolt Carrier Group is designed to be compatible with standard AR-15 o

Brownells Brn-4 416/Mr556 Complete Bolt Carrier Group

2A Armament Ar-15 Bolt Carrier Group Lightweight Adjustable. The Regulated Bolt Carrier is a lightweight carrier with a gas regulating gate built into the carrier itself. This provides a drop in, lightweight solution for those looking to tune your AR-15’s gas system. It eliminates the need for adjustable gas blocks, and allows the firearm to be restored to a factory full weight system by simply swapping your full-mass carrier back into your firearm. The RBC has infinite adjustment from fully open, to fully closed on the regulating gate. The RBC can be tuned to most combinations of buffers, springs, suppressors, and barrel lengths. The RBC Is fully adjustable through the port door, and does not require the firearm to be broken down&nb

2A Armament Ar-15 Bolt Carrier Group Lightweight Adjustable