Brownells Ar-15 Retro Handguard Sets. Recreate an American Classic with the Brownells M16A1 Handguard Set, built to accurately replicate the original handguards issued to thousands of American servicemen & women. This Handguard Set is modeled directly off of original handguards, which are becoming increasingly difficult to find, or in decent condition. Left and Right Handguard halves include aluminum heatshields, protecting your hand and the handguards from barrel heat. Combine the Handguard Set with the matching Pistol Grip & Buttstock Assembly from Brownells, and you have a new condition furniture set for your AR-15, M16, M16A1 or other early model rifle. Handguards include instru

Brownells Ar-15 Retro Handguard Sets

Firearms Ar-15 Retro Handguard Sets

Ergo Picatinny 25 Slot Ladder Lowpro Rail Cover – 3-Pack. ERGO ladder rail covers are the original Picatinny rail cover, and still one of the best available. Taking up the smallest amount of space, the ladder rail covers protect Picatinny rails from damage, as well as other gear and the shooter from sharp edges. When installed, Ladder Rail Covers provide a comfortable, secure grip. Each Ladder Rail Cover goes over 25 slots, with 3 Ladder Rail Covers to a pack.

Ergo Grips Picatinny 25 Slot Ladder Lowpro Rail Cover - 3-Pack

Mdt Mdt Chassis Accessory Rails. Accessory Rails designed for the MDT LA Chassis Available in 5″ length 5″ rail includes a built-in Quick Detach Sling Swivel Socket Rails will also function with other handguards and systems, such as the Magpul MOE Rails include mounting hardware for attachment to MDT Chassis, as well as AR-15 handguards Picatinny spec rail Rugged aluminum construction Matte black anodized finish Benefits: Accessory rails allow for the attachment of various accessories to the MDT Chassis Along with providing space to rail mounted accessories, the longer rails provide a QD Socket for the attachment of slings N

Mdt Mdt Chassis Accessory Rails

Pro Mag Ar-15 Carbine Quad Rail Handguard Polymer. Looking to attach accessories quickly and easily to your AR-15 carbine? This two-piece Quad-Rail Handguard provides plenty of Picatinny attachment points at four points around the circumference of the handguard, allowing owners to mount lights, lasers and other accessories with ease. The two-piece Quad Rail Handguard is molded from glass-filled nylon polymer, a high-impact material that’s designed to handle the stresses of range and field use. The mil-spec rails are located at the 9-, 12-, 3- and 6-o’clock positions around the handguard, and each handguard half also features aluminum heat-shield inserts that protect a shooter’s support hand from barrel heat.

Pro Mag Ar-15 Carbine Quad Rail Handguard Polymer

Mdt Arca Swiss Rails. Long range shooters understand the advantages of the ARCA rail system, and so do the folks at Modular Driven Technologies. Their M-LOK Arca-Swiss Adapter enables you to enjoy all the benefits of ARCA compatible accessories on your M-LOK slotted forend. Perfect for mounting a tripod on your rifle, the MDT M-LOK Arca-Swiss Adapters let you easily adjust your position for awkward shots, or swap out tripods quickly and easily. Rearward overhang lets you mount the tripod closer to the rifle’s center of gravity. The rail’s rounded edges won’t dig into your hands when shooting off hand, while the angled front makes tripod engagement a breeze, plus reduces chances

Mdt Arca Swiss Rails

Daniel Defense Ar-15/M16 Ddm4 Handguards. Daniel Defense. The DDM4 Rail’s ergonomic design allows operators to maintain better control of the firearm. Limited rotation QD swivel attachment points are located at the front and rear of both sides of this rail system for tangle-free attachment for slings. A continuous picatinny rail on top provides the rail real estate for sights and accessories. DDM4 Rail 10.0 is compatible with low profile gas blocks on barrels 11″ and longer with gas systems at Mid-length and shorter. Rail System includes all required hardware, tools, and 3 Daniel Defense Rail Ladders made of high temperatu

Daniel Defense Ar-15/M16 Ddm4 Handguards

Area 419 Arcalock Universal Flat Rail. An accessory that’s growing popular among shooters in the precision world is the ARCA rail, a sliding handguard that allows users to mount bipods, barricade stops and other accessories on a sliding unit that allows for fast, easy adjustment. However, Area 419 saw an issue with this friction lock, noticing that the system can slide under pressure. The company’s ARCALock Universal Flat Rail solves this issue while still providing the benefits of the ARCA mechanism. Each Area 419 ARCALock Universal Flat Rail features a proprietary clamp design that mechanically locks the serrated sides of the rail into place, and the unit is backwards-compatible with all standard ARCA-style acce

Area 419 Arcalock Universal Flat Rail

Area 419 Fixed Barricade For 12 Arcalock And Mpa Rails. The Area 419 Fixed Barricade for 12″ Arcalock and MPA rails was designed to be an add on rear Barricade for the 12 inch and MPA Arcalock Rails. 1-1/8″ tall from bottom of rail Grooved to aid in gripping the barricade 3/32 Wrench included and required to move clamp Not designed to be a moveable stop Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum in house Type 3 Black Hardcoat Anodized Fixed Barricade slides on from the end of the rail and can be locked in any position on the rail. The Barriade uses a pinch clamp design and also a set screw to engage one of the ARCALOCK cuts to guarantee no slippage.

Area 419 Fixed Barricade For 12 Arcalock And Mpa Rails