Brownells Ar-15 Triangle Retro 601 Style Charging Handle Gray. For those fans of the classic retro AR-15 look, Brownells teamed up with Nodak Spud to produce the Brownells Retro AR-15 Triangle Charging Handle. The Brownells Retro AR-15 Triangle Charging Handle is not an approximation but a carefully researched, detailed replica of the charging handle found on early, much-sought-after “601” rifles issued to the Air Force in the early 1960s. In fact, to distinguish our reproduction from originals, we had to engrave “BRN” hidden away at the bottom to prevent these from being confused with the genuine article. Features the correct triangle shape like the originals Fits & functions correctly in any standard, curr

Brownells Ar-15 Triangle Retro 601 Style Charging Handle Gray

Firearms Ar-15 Triangle Retro 601 Style Charging Handle Gray

Power Custom Ruger 10/22 .17 Rimfire Heavy Bolt Handle. Dense, tungsten core provides the added weight required to slow bolt speed for safe and reliable function of higher pressure, .17 rimfire cartridges in converted 10/22 rifles. Keeps bolt closed longer to prevent case ruptures, extractor blowout, and cracked receivers, and is a mandatory part when using the factory .22 rimfire bolt for your conversion. Oversized handle is easy to locate and grasp in the field or during fast paced competition. Precision machined, stainless steel, bolt handle body resists rust and corrosion. Included stainless steel guide rod and Wolff Extra Power bolt spring must be used in .17 Mach 2 conversions; use the factory spring and guide rod when installing bo

Power Custom Ruger~ 10/22~ .17 Rimfire Heavy Bolt Handle

Falcon 37 Ar-15 Habu Mod1 Advanced Engagement Charging Handle. The HABU MOD 1 Advanced Engagement Charging Handle allows for robust charging of the AR-15, while simultaneously integrating a cheek riser. The HABU’s unique form factor is designed for the non-dominant hand to charge the rifle, much like a semi-automatic handgun, using your full grasp & hand. This design is completely ambidextrous, with no small latches to worry about engaging. Proper cheek weld can also be attained, without the use of stock mounted cheek risers, which often interfere with operating the charging handle. The HABU works with any commercially available AR-15 buttstock, both collapsible & fixed. The cheek riser’s placement ca

Falcon 37 Ar-15 Habu Mod1 Advanced Engagement Charging Handle

Gre-Tan Remington 700 Firing Pin Assembly, Lite. Gre-Tan Rifle’s GEN 2 Lite steel Firing Pin Assembly; Matte Black. Featuring the Thread Assembly System that prevents the uncontrolled discharge of the firearm. This thread assembly joins in front of the spring collar. Along with a Radius Tip contour design so you can now dry fire practice and set triggers with our pin. The pin is made with 7075-T6 aluminum shank, and preheat treated 4140 Steel tip. If you are purchasing a GTR Firing Pin Assembly for a PTG bolt it needs to be fitted by Gre-Tan. Contact Gre-Tan and they will install and fit it for free.

Gre-Tan Remington 700 Firing Pin Assembly Lite

Sig Sauer M400 Tread Ambi Charging Handle. A full ambi design allowing for left or right hand operation with medium sized latches and a dual roll pin design. Made for extended use with aircraft grade aluminum.

Sig Sauer M400 Tread Ambi Charging Handle

Daniel Defense Ar-15/M16 5.56 Bolt. Steel bolt is shot-peened for extra surface hardness, then magnetic particle inspected for cracks and flaws to ensure reliability and long service life. Models available for rifles chambered in 5.56mm/.223. Comes completely assembled, with gas rings, extractor, and ejector installed.

Daniel Defense Ar-15/M16 5.56 Bolt

Cmmg Zeroed Ambidextrous Charging Handle. ZEROED Ambi Charging Handle for AR15 Perfecting the proven design of the first generation CMMG ambi charging handles, the CMMG ZEROED ambidextrous charging handle was engineered with handles that are less intrusive to users while still providing easy operation. Constructed from rugged 7075 aluminum for AR-15 platform firearms, the ZEROED ambi charging handle was made to withstand any charging method while providing superior grip, even with gloves or optics so you can always charge your AR with confidence.

Cmmg Zeroed Ambidextrous Charging Handle

Next Level Armament Ar 308 Nlx 308 Charging Handle. End your frustrations with that tiny, mil-spec charging handle on your .308 AR and replace it with the Next Level Armament AR 308 NLX 308 Charging Handle. The unique, innovative design of this charging handle makes it fast and easy to bring your gun into battery, thanks to an oversized, ambidextrous design that works easily with gloves and a mounted optic. The charging handle is machined from 7075 aluminum and is treated with a black finish.

Next Level Armament Ar 308 Nlx 308 Charging Handle