Brownells Hk417 Style Barrel 7.62mm Nato 16in Isonite. For those on the search for a perfect barrel to fit a reproduction build of the Heckler & Koch HK417, this Brownells HK417 Style Barrel is made right here in the USA as an option for HK fans building their next homage rifle. Each Brownells HK417 Style Barrel is chambered in 7.62 NATO and measures 16 inches long. The barrel is machined to the correct profile for an HK417 rifle and features laser-etching in the style of the German-made HK barrel. Other correct features found on the barrel include a 1:10-inch twist rate and a threaded muzzle with a M15x1 RH metric thread pitch. The rifle barrel features an all-black finish and is compatible with HK417 parts kits or existing rifl

Brownells Hk417~ Style Barrel 7.62mm Nato 16in Isonite

Firearms Hk417 Style Barrel 7.62mm Nato 16in Isonite

Geissele Automatics Llc Ar-15 Chf Chrome Lined Barrels 5.56mm. Geissele barrels are precision machined and cold hammer forged utilizing the highest quality materials at Geissele’s state of the art facility in North Wales, PA to ensure the highest quality and consistency of each barrel. Their barrels are High Pressure Tested and Magnetic Particle Inspected . The accuracy and reliability of Geissele CHF barrels makes them an ideal choice for a hard use duty weapon, precision tuned competition gun, and everything in between. 10.3″, 11.5″, 14.5″, or 16″ Geissele Cold Hamer Forged Chrome Molly Steel Chrome Lined Manganese Phosphate Finished 1/7 twist 10.3″/11.5″ feature

Geissele Automatics Llc Ar-15 Chf Chrome Lined Barrels 5.56mm

Cry Havoc Tactical Ar-15 Qrb 2 Pin Barrel Locking Plate Kit. To fully maximize the usage of your Cry Havoc Tactical QRB 2 Pin Upper Receiver Takedown kit for the AR-15 they offer these additional QRB 1 Pin Barrel Locking Plate Kits to allow you to swap different barrels on a single lower. What to switch up between a 16″ barrel and a 20″ barrel in seconds while holding within 1 MOA? This kit makes that happen. The QRB 2 Pin Barrel Locking Plate Kits can only be used on Barrels with a maximum outside diameter of 0.985″” and Free Float Hand Guards with a maximum width of 2.0″” Also the QRB will add 1.5″” to the length of your free-floating hand guard. To purchase the proper k

Cry Havoc Tactical Ar-15 Qrb 2 Pin Barrel Locking Plate Kit

Faxon Firearms 308 Winchester Big Gunner Profile Barrels. The Faxon Firearms Big Gunner .308 Win. Barrel’s profile is the big brother to Faxon’s popular 5.56 Gunner barrels. The Big Gunners feature a medium-taper behind the gas block. The gas block journal is set to .750″ for compatibility with most common gas blocks. From the gas block journal forward we use a thinner taper, designed to reduce weight yet maintain rigidity for high rates of fire and as a suppressor host. Keeping weight at the rear maximizes rigidity and maneuverability. Each Big Gunner .308 Win. barrel is machined from stress-relieved 4150 chrome moly steel, and finished it with a tough, wear-resistant Nitride finish. Fits DPMS LR-308 Gen1 pattern u

Faxon Firearms 308 Winchester Big Gunner Profile Barrels

Faxon Firearms Ar-15 16 5.56 Gunner Barrels Intergal Muzzle Device. Faxon’s Integral Rifle Barrels are the perfect choice for any shooter who is looking for the maneuverability of a shorter overall length but want the compatibility and versatility that comes with an AR15 build. With Faxon’s Integral Muzzle Device Barrels customers will no longer be locked into a single configuration on their rifle build or be dependent on finding a capable gunsmith to pin & weld their muzzle device to their barrel. Shooters can choose from a 3-port muzzle device or slotted flash hider, allowing the full assembly and disassembly of gas blocks and barrel nuts. Shooters are forever free to change their weapon’s configuration. The Gunner profile is a blend

Faxon Firearms Ar-15 16 5.56 Gunner Barrels Intergal Muzzle Device

Brownells Ar-15 20 A1 Rifle Barrel 1-12 Assembly. The Brownells Retro A1 rifle length barrel replicates exactly the exterior contours of the original “skinny” barrel of the M16A1 rifle, so it’s ideal for building your own Retro Rifle OR any AR-15 where a lightweight barrel is desirable. Chambered in 5.56×45, this chrome-lined barrel has a 1-12″ twist and is finished in matte black phosphate, with an overall length of 20″. The muzzle threads are 1/2″-28 tpi, and in the back a standard rifle barrel extension is pre-installed. 5.56 NATO chamber Original 1-12″ rifling compatible with heavier bullets Chrome-lined bore Requires a rifle-length gas tu

Brownells Ar-15 20 A1 Rifle Barrel 1-12 Assembly

Douglas Contour 3. Famous, Douglas Double XX, premium-grade barrels are an excellent choice for any rebarrelling project. Proven accuracy and finest care in manufacture. Button rifled for unequalled smoothness with tolerances for groove diameter and straightness held to .0005″. .22 through .338 barrels feature 6- grooves while the .358, .375 and .458 barrels have 8. No straightening is done and all barrels are stress relieved.

Douglas Contour 3

Douglas Douglas Pistol Barrel. Famous Douglas Double XX premium quality blanks in the two most popular twist rates for PPC and other precision shooting. 1-14 duplicates the Python twist rate that is given much of the credit for the Colt’s accuracy. 1-10 rate gives superb accuracy with 148 grain wadcutters and the heavier bullets needed to keep the .357 competitive in silhouette.

Douglas Douglas Pistol Barrel