Kinetic Development Group Llc Fn Scar Charging Handle. The Scarging handle fits both 5.56 and 7.62 NATO versions of the SCAR, and installs in seconds.The radius-faced design, and swept geometry of the Scarging Handle allows the user to achieve a more solid grasp when manipulating the bolt. This allows for easier charging, clearing of stoppages, and administratively locking the firearm bolt to the rear. The shooter can choose between left or right side installation to match their hand dominance, and can rotate the Scarging Handle to either downward or upward sweep. The downward sweep protects the hand from “busted knuckles” due to optics mounts by keeping it down and away from the weapon’s top. This also has the added benefit

Kinetic Development Group Llc Fn Scar Charging Handle

Kinetic Development Group Fn Scar Charging Handle

Strike Industries Arch Charging Handle 308. The new SI ARCH or is a 7075 T-6 forged hard anodized charging handle that functions with ease for the AR10 Platform! With its high polished surface, its ergonomic design makes for a smooth, clean charge. The quality of the ARCH is second to none, it’s built for durability. Its gas busting ability diverts harmful gases, oil and dirt away from the shooter. Once you place the ARCH on your rifle, you will see, feel, and know the quality of the ARCH!

Strike Industries Arch Charging Handle 308

Cmmg Zeroed Ambidextrous Mag Catch And Button Kit. ZEROED Ambi Mag Catch and Button Kit Magazine catches don’t have to be an inconvenience for left-handed shooters. The CMMG ZEROED ambi extended mag catch brings the ambidextrous operation of CMMG’s original ambi mag catches along with an extended-release bar that gives shooters more leverage. Maximize ambidextrous control and speed up your reloads and with the CMMG ZEROED Extended Mag Release Button. Installation is simple! Just screw the adapter button in place, then attach the button extension to the adapter, done! Quality steel construction and serrated extension surface means you get a solid feel and reliable traction every time.

Cmmg Zeroed Ambidextrous Mag Catch And Button Kit

Ar Catch22 Ar-15 .22lr V2 Catch22 Bolt Catch. When a standard AR-15 is converted to .22lr through a conversion bolt or replacement upper, the bolt catch stops working. The Catch22 V2 slides over a stock AR-15 bolt catch to work with most common .22lr conversions and give you bolt catch functionality again. To install, just slide the Catch22 over the stock bolt catch and you’re ready to go. This allows you to easily swap between calibers without the need for any tools. The bolt catch is compatible with CMMG, RTB, Spike’s Tactical, Tactical Solutions dedicated upper receivers and conversion bolts, as well as similar Ceiner kit conversion bolts. For the bolt catch to provide true last-round-hold-open, the mag

Ar Catch22 Ar-15 .22lr V2 Catch22 Bolt Catch

Mountain Tactical T1x Bolt Handles. Trick out your T1x with these titillating bits from Mountain Tactical. Each T1x bolt handle is .250″ longer than the factory T1x bolt knob. This increase in leverage allows you to run the bolt faster with less resistance. The Mountain Tactical T1x bolt handle is machined to match the interface on the bolt creating a purposeful look instead of a bleak afterthought. Like all Mountain Tactical Company products, the bolt handles are made in Bozeman, MT USA on their 7 axis CNC Swiss style lathe. Material: Stainless Steel

Mountain Tactical T1x Bolt Handles

Mountain Tactical T3/T3x Bolt Handle Stem. These Mountain Tactical Bolt Handles are designed to give you more control over your rifle. The longer handle makes cycling the bolt easier allowing you to eject and chamber a round without taking your sights off your target. A larger diameter bolt knob increases tactility making positive bolt manipulation while wearing gloves a more confident and safe action. Of course, at the end of the day, they just look awesome! Not sure which handle you want to choose? No problem! The austenitic stainless steel handle stem is thread with an industry standard 5/16-24 thread to accept other Mountain Tactical Bolt Knobs or other knobs from manufacturers such as Badger

Mountain Tactical T3/T3x Bolt Handle Stem

V Seven Weapon Systems Ar-15 Charging Handle. Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum Type 3 Hardcoat Anodized Weighs Approx. 29 Grams Use With Ar-15 Platform Made In The United States Lifetime Warranty V Seven Logo Is Laser Marked

V Seven Weapon Systems Ar-15 Charging Handle

Blackhawk Ar-15 No-Latch Charging Handle Ambidextrous. Blackhawk’s No-Latch Ambidextrous Charging Handle is a drop-in peerformance upgrade for any AR-15 that gives the shooter full ambidextrous control for fast charging of the rifle or malfunction clearance. Using a leaf spring built into the handle itself, the innovative Blackhawk No-Latch Ambidextrous Charging Handle eliminates the need to squeeze that small latch found on the standard handle. Operate the handle from any position – left, right, standing, prone Oversized, overmolded polymer lever with aggressive grip texture Sturdy machined 7075 aluminum frame for long-term reliability The Blackhawk No-Latch Ambidextrous Charging Handle’s oversized polymer l

Blackhawk Ar-15 No-Latch Charging Handle Ambidextrous