Midwest Industries Ruger Pc9 Combat Rail M-Lok Black. Ruger’s PC Carbine took the firearm world by storm in 2019, and the platform has a whole lot going for it. However, adding accessories can be a challenge, but Midwest Industries made it a whole lot easier with its Combat Rail PC9 Handguard. The Midwest Industries Combat Rail PC9 Handguard is machined from 6061 aluminum and features eight sides of M-LOK attachment slots, giving PC9 owners unprecedented versatility in attaching lights, lasers and other add-ons. The handguard even includes three QD sockets, so you can easily attach a sling to the forward end of your carbine. Each Midwest Industries Combat Rail PC9 Handguard is dehorned for

Midwest Industries Ruger~ Pc9~ Combat Rail M-Lok Black

Midwest Ruger Pc9 Combat Rail M-Lok Black

Strike Industries Grildlok Lite Handguard Assembly. The Strike Industries GRIDLOK LITE Rail for AR-15 takes innovation from GRIDLOK but this is a 1-piece design to minimize weight and offer a cost-effective option. Using the same Patent Pending Quick Rail Detach system, there is no other handguard that can be removed at home or in the field on the market today. With the Quick Rail detach system, a simple push and pull of the of the quick detach latch, you have the handguard off in seconds to make any adjustments to an adjustable gas block or installation/removal of a suppressor. The QD latch has also been redesigned with a new locking button for earlier latch locking. Integrated into the front of the GRIDLOK LITE is the

Strike Industries Grildlok Lite Handguard Assembly

Area 419 Rail Changer X. The RailChanger X is the second generation of Area 419’s popular RailChanger System. It is designed with a lever-actuated bag retention system that will allow shooters to spend more time acquiring and engaging targets, and less time manipulating gear. Key Lever Actuated Bag Retention, capable of carrying larger bags Integrated Accessory Attachment cutouts Cutout design for ARCALOCK barricade blocks Male ARCALOCK section integrally milled into the underside Milled from 6065 Aluminum in the USA

Area 419 Rail Changer X

Angstadt Arms, Llc Ultralight M-Lok Handguards Black. 4″ or 10.5″ Ultra-light M-LOK handguard with lightening cut. Compatible with .223/5.56 and 9MM calibers. Perfect for super short pistol builds!

Angstadt Arms Llc Ultralight M-Lok Handguards Black

Bravo Company Ar-15 Bcmgunfighter Kmr Alpha Keymod Free Float Handguards. Bravo Company’s machined aluminum BCM KMR Alpha Handguard free-floats the barrel for better accuracy potential while it provides plenty of KeyMod slots for add-on rail segments and accessories. Built-in Picatinny top rail is supplemented by KeyMod slots at – and between – the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions. Fits standard AR-15 upper receiver Lightweight yet robust aluminum construction, reinforced with non-reflective hardcoat anodized finish 1.5″ O.D., measured flat-to-flat, 1.3″ I.D. Proprietary barrel nut and mounting hardware INCLUDED Comes with one KeyMod rail segment – more rail segments sold separately The Bravo C

Bravo Company Ar-15 Bcmgunfighter Kmr Alpha Keymod Free Float Handguards

Bravo Company Ar-15 Bcmgunfighter Mcmr Handguard M-Lok Free Float. Bravo Company’s BCM MCMR M-LOK Compatible Modular Rail handguard gives you a full-length topside Picatinny and seven rows of M-LOK slots to ensure you have vast expanse of room for mounting accessories. Engineered to minimize bulk, the MCMR is essentially Bravo Company’s popular KMR handguard adapted for the M-LOK accessory mounting system originally developed by Magpul. The MCMR M-LOK Compatible Modular Rail handguard gives you a streamlined, clean-looking rifle that is also easy to grasp and maneuver. The MCMR free-floats your barrel, so the weight of the handguard and attached accessories won’t compromise the gun’s accuracy. Engi

Bravo Company Ar-15 Bcmgunfighter Mcmr Handguard M-Lok Free Float

Troy Industries Ar-15/M16 Enhanced Drop-In Battle Rail. Troy’s Enhanced Drop-In Rail is a non-free-floating direct replacement for all M4/M16 plastic hand guards utilizing the carbine, mid-length, and rifle-length gas systems. Easy to install; no gunsmithing required. Includes MIL-STD Picatinny Rails at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock and four built-in sockets for Q.D. Swivels. Machined from hardened aircraft aluminum with stainless steel components and finished in MIL-SPEC hardcoat anodizing.

Troy Industries Ar-15/M16 Enhanced Drop-In Battle Rail

Midwest Industries Henry G2 Handguards. The Real Avid AR15 Build Bundle components: AVMFTWS 5-Piece Master Grade A2/AR15 Wrenches & Torque Wrench AVAR15PPT AR15 Pivot Pin Tool AVAR15LLVB Lug-Lok Upper Vise Block 5-PIECE MASTER GRADE A2/AR15 WRENCHES & TORQUE WRENCH: Upgraded tools for upgrading guns! This set includes 4 specialized crowfoot builder wrenches that fit the most common A2/AR15 assembly nut sizes and a heavy-duty 1/2″ torque wrench. Wrenches are titanium coated stainless steel and include a storage rail. Comes with a Master-Fit Torque Wrench, Delta Ring / Free-Float Barrel Nut Wrench, 3/4″ Muzzle Device Wrench, 5/8″ Muzzle Device / A2 Buttstock Extensio

Midwest Industries Henry G2 Handguards