Pro Mag Archangel Ruger 10/22 Quick Breakdown Stock. The Archangel Quick Break Down stock converts standard Ruger 10/22 models into a quick break down design. A patent pending stainless steel V-block clamp with adjustable toggle lever facilitates rapid but precise barrel removal and installation. Clamp system repeats zero even with receiver mounted optics. The folding stock design with integrated barrel storage enables the rifle to be stored in compact spaces; perfect for campers and survivalists. The inlet features an aluminum bed block chassis embedded in a blend of high strength carbon fiber and glass filled reinforced black polymer. 18.5″ barrel minimum length is required in states that specify a minimum 26&

Pro Mag Archangel Ruger 10/22~ Quick Breakdown Stock

Pro Mag Archangel Ruger 10/22 Quick Breakdown Stock

Pro Mag Archangel Mini-14/30/6.8 Ranch Rifle Precision Stocks. The Archangel AAMINI Precision Stock is a nearly indestructible, ergonomic, and adjustable stock for the Ruger Mini 14, Mini Thirty, 6.8, and Ranch variants*. Precision fit inlet and ridged quality construction improves accuracy without the need for complicated and expensive glass bedding. Fully click adjustable cheek riser and length of pull adjustments allows perfect fitment to the shooter for ergonomic comfort and superior control. The ambidextrous gooseneck stock with palm swells, and off-hand pressure hook sets it apart from the competition. In addition to its adjustability and durability; shooters will appreciate the secure grip storage compartment, f ambidex

Pro Mag Archangel Mini-14/30/6.8 Ranch Rifle Precision Stocks

Brownells Ar-15 Sopmod Stock Assy Collapsible Mil-Spec. Currently employed by the U.S. military, this reinforced polymer stock fits M4-type receiver extensions and offers an improved cheekweld designed for increased comfort and consistency. Two waterproof storage compartments running the length of the stock hold 2 AA or 3 CR-123 batteries. Streamlined contours resist snagging on clothing, equipment, or vegetation to aid in safe and stealthy operation. Sure-Grip stock latch ensures convenient and intuitive length-of-pull adjustment, while the anti-slip rubber recoil pad secures the weapon to the operator’s shoulder. Features a black, stainless steel QD swivel mount and two molded 1 1/4″ wide sling slots. This results in a slimmer

Brownells Ar-15 Sopmod Stock Assy Collapsible Mil-Spec

Boyds Cz 455 Pro Varmint Bull Barrel. Pro Varmint CZ 455 Clip Feed Bull Barrel Channel with Black Texture Paint The Pro Varmint was designed by Boyds to meet the requests of our customers who were looking for an affordable tactical design for their rimfire rifles. The beavertail forend allows for greater stabilization off bags, but is still trim enough for general purpose shooting. The dual purpose butt hook allows for greater control of the stock and firearm, with your non-trigger hand, and allows for a better grip on the rear bag when shooting from the bench. The Monte Carlo comb brings the shooter’s cheek up for use with larger scopes and comes with an ambidextrous grip that allows either hand to assume a more nat

Boyds Cz 455 Pro Varmint Bull Barrel

Mdt Acc Chassis Internal Forend Weights. Built specifically for the MDT ACC Rifle Chassis, the company’s Internal Forend Weights are sold in sets of five, each weighing 0.52 pounds, while the company’s ACC chassis has the ability to hold up to five weights, giving users the ability to add up to 2.56 pounds to their rifle. Three separate mounting holes inside the forend channel allow users to fine-tune where the weights are mounted inside the chassis, so the balance point of the gun can be shifted slightly with each weight. All of the rifle weights are machined from steel and feature machined clearance slots that allow users to continue mounting M-LOK accessories, even with weights installed.

Mdt Acc Chassis Internal Forend Weights

Mdt Folding Stock Adapters. Compatible with most bolt-action rifle chassis that have an AR-style fixed or carbine interface, MDT’s Universal Folding Stock Adapter provides shooters with more compactness for storage and transport, plus greater buttstock choice. The 1-Way Lock maintains solid, straight-line integrity when shooting while the 2-Way Lock provides the additional convenience of the stock being held securely in the folded position. MDT’s Universal Folding Stock Adapter has a solid interface and will not allow a bolt to pass through – check your rifle configuration for compatibility. Not compatible with MDT TAC21 or ESS chassis. All steel locking mechanism Available in 1-way or

Mdt Folding Stock Adapters

Midwest Industries Side Folder With Light Weight Stock. New for Midwest Industries in 2021, their Side Folder with a lightweight stock! The modular design features a skeletonized body with a minimalistic butt plate to keep the weight off your gun! Heavy-duty side-folding mechanism constructed from 4140 steel Full-length locking lug for maximum strength Solid positive lock up in both positions Steel clamp with large surface engagement Can be configured to right or left folding Modular design can accommodate different stock attachments Features a skeletonized modular body Includes 3 anti-rotation QD swivel sockets Includes aluminum minimalistic butt plate Adds 8.75 inches to firearm l

Midwest Industries Side Folder With Light Weight Stock

Victor Company Usa Titan 10/22 Precision Stock. The Titan 1022 Precision Rimfire Stock from the Victor Company helps you maximize the performance of your Ruger 10/22 rifle. It provides a comfortable, ergonomically enhanced interface between you and the gun, plus a solid platform for the barreled action that takes precision shooting with your 10/22 to a whole new level. Made from an ultra-rigid fiberglass composite resin, the Titan 1022 stock has almost zero flex, so it gives consistent, rock-solid support to the action. Victor’s Anchor Lock System employs a hardened aluminum bedding block up front for the action screw, while a separate block and screw anchors the rear of the action. The result: any hint of acc

Victor Company Usa Titan 10/22 Precision Stock