Timney Savage 10/116 Featherweight Trigger. Hardened steel trigger replaces the factory unit and its accuracy-robbing heavy pull. Gives a clean, crisp breaking trigger pull. Factory-type set screws adjust for letoff, overtravel and weight of pull . Parts are fully-finished, requires gunsmith fitting, and modification to stock. Includes trigger and trigger springs. Sear not included.

Timney Savage 10/116 Featherweight Trigger

Timney Savage 10/116 Featherweight Trigger

Timney Savage Accutrigger Trigger. The Timney Featherweight Triggers for Savage Accutriggers are precision machined and hand-fitted to provide a crisp trigger pull. They feature a lightweight alloy housing with machined and hardened steel working surfaces. The trigger is fully adjustable. The trigger pull weight is adjustable from 1.5 to 4lbs. and is adjustable for creep and overtravel. Adjustable Pull weight 1.5-4lbs. Minor fitting may be required

Timney Savage Accutrigger Trigger

Timney Savage Axis / Edge Trigger. Machined from case-hardened solid steel Fully adjustable for pull weight, sear engagement and over-travel Trigger pull weight can be adjusted from 1.5 to 4 pounds Simple replacement of factory trigger BENEFITS: Allows for a crisp, light trigger on an affordable rifle Easy installation involves replacing the factory trigger and adjusting the new trigger to your preference Savage axis allows the user to remove the trigger guard for easy access to the trigger adjustments Adjustments allow for the trigger to be fine-tuned to your preference

Timney Savage Axis / Edge Trigger

Rifle Basix Weatherby/Howa/S&W/ Custom Rifle Triggers. Precision made trigger is factory pre-set for a light, crisp pull that requires no further adjustments. CNC machined, aluminum housing provides greater internal clearance for reduced drag and is hardcoat anodized for durability. Hardened steel internal components provide a consistent, smooth pull. Simple drop-in fit replaces factory trigger assembly without alterations. Fits Weatherby Vanguard, Howa with both 2- and 3-position safeties, and Smith & Wesson 1500, right hand only. WTHBY-1 trigger pull weight is preset to approximately 2 to 2 1/2 lb. and is from 1 1/2 to 4 lb. WTHBY-V trigger pull weight is preset to 16 oz., ideal for varmint shooting or competition. Adjustable from

Rifle Basix Weatherby/Howa/S&W/ Custom Rifle Triggers

Timney Cz Triggers. Adjustable, Featherweight-style, single-stage, replacement triggers for popular bolt action rifles deliver clean, crisp trigger pulls that help improve accuracy. Precision machined and hardened internal parts for maximum reliability. Adjustable for weight of pull, creep and overtravel. Lock nuts hold settings. CZ 452M fits CZ 452 .22 Mag. and .17 HMR rifles.

Timney Cz Triggers

Timney Ruger M77 Mk 2 Adjustable Trigger Kit. All stainless steel, drop-in kit does away with the non-adjustable, factory trigger and its heavy pull, for improved accuracy and more enjoyable shooting. Conveniently-placed set screws are adjustable for let-off, weight of pull and overtravel. Parts are fully-finished; heat treated for durability and ready-to-install; requires no alteration to the factory parts. Kit includes trigger, sear, reduced weight spring and instructions. Use factory spring to set heavier weight of pull.

Timney Ruger~ M77~ Mk Ii Adjustable Trigger Kit

Timney Howa 1500 Trigger. Self-contained drop in trigger. Lightweight 6061-T6 CNC Machined aluminum housing with Wire EDM cut, Heat treated steel trigger and sear. Two position, trigger blocking side safety. Fully adjustable Sear Engagement, Over-travel, and pull weight from 1.5-4lbs. Available in blue and Nickel Plated. Teflon nickel coated Sear to guarantee a lifetime of service. Backed by the Legendary Timney Lifetime No Hassle Warranty and Customer service.

Timney Howa 1500 Trigger

Timney Ruger American Triggers. Self-contained, 100% drop-in trigger is ready to install in your Ruger American Rifle for an exceptionally smooth, crisp, trigger pull. Pull weight is factory set at crisp three pounds and you can set it yourself to any pull weight you’d like from 1.5 to 4 pounds. Lightweight 6061 T6 aluminum housing is anodized for extra durability. The trigger is CNC machined on the most cutting edge robotic machines available. The sear is EDM cut and Teflon-nickel coated for maximum lubricity. The whole unit has been designed for easy installation and manufactured using Timney’s stringent specifications for a lifetime of trouble free service.

Timney Ruger~ American Triggers