Timney Sig Sauer Mpx Triggers Single Stage. Timney is the market leader for Sig replacement rifle triggers! A drop in, complete assembly trigger Available as either a curved or straight trigger The trigger is factory tuned for 4.5 lb. pull weight, with no creep The trigger makes use of your rifle’s original hammer/trigger pins as well as safety Single stage trigger Trigger allows you to become more accurate with your rifle No gunsmith needed, easy to install Ready for the range, no adjustments needed No additional parts needed to install trigger Crisp feel

Timney Sig Sauer Mpx Triggers Single Stage

Timney Sig Sauer Mpx Triggers Single Stage

J P Enterprises Ar-15/ 308 Ar Ez Trigger System. Complete trigger system installs in five minutes without fitting or modification of parts on the trigger or your receiver. All adjustments are made with setscrews, eliminating the risk of ruining the trigger due to errors in fitting. Includes the JP Speed Hammer for fast lock time, plus “anti-walk” pins with button head cap screws for easy removal and reinstallation of the trigger system. Overtravel adjustment screw lets you set your trigger for a clean, crisp, single-stage release. Comes with two hammer springs: install the yellow spring to get a 3 to 3 1/2 pull for competition or recreational shooting with non-military ammunition. The red spring gives a 3 1/2 to 4 lb

J P Enterprises Ar-15/ 308 Ar Ez Trigger System

Geissele Automatics Llc Ar-15/Ar 308 Hi-Speed National Match Trigger Set. Geissele’s Hi-Speed National Match AR-15 Trigger combines their exceptional match-grade trigger with their Service Rifle, Designated Marksman Rifle, and Match Rifle Spring sets. Geissele’s adjustable Hi-Speed National Match AR-15 Trigger is designed for competition, hunting, and tactical sniper use, where exact trigger pull weight is essential for success. The trigger comes with three spring sets, each applicable to a different type of shooting. The Hi-Speed Service Spring is designed for NRA High Power Service Rifle competition and is approved for use in CMP sanctioned competitions. Easily switch to the Hi-Speed Designated Marksman Rifle spring set for tactical and milit

Geissele Automatics Llc Ar-15/Ar 308 Hi-Speed National Match Trigger Set

Ke Arms Llc Ar-15 Slt-1 Curved Triggers. Military-type AR triggers tend to be heavy and gritty, so when the KE Arms folks set out to design their SLT-1 Curved Trigger solving that problem was their first goal. They also wanted installation of the SLT-1 to be a simple, drop-in procedure so any AR-15 owner could do the job. Using their innovative “sear link” technology, KE Arms team eliminated the disconnector entirely, producing a constant engagement between the sear and hammer that gives a smooth, consistent pull. And it ensures the SLT-1 trigger resets quickly, ensuring lightning fast follow-up shots. Since there’s no disconnector, energy is conserved and concentrated, producing that gratifyingly smooth pul

Ke Arms Llc Ar-15 Slt-1 Curved Triggers

Ke Arms Llc Ar-15 Slt-2 Straight Triggers. The innovative KE Arms SLT-2 Straight Trigger eliminates the grittiness and heaviness common to military type AR-15 triggers. And it’s packed into a self-contained, drop-in module that any AR-15 owner can easily install into his or her rifle. Preferred by many target shooters, the straight shoe lets you place the pad of your finger exactly where you want it on the SLT-2 to produce maximum leverage with the least amount of effort. The KE Arms crew developed an innovative “sear link” technology that eliminates the disconnector entirely to produce constant engagement between the sear and hammer for a smooth, gratifyingly consistent pull. The SLT-2’s reset is ultra-

Ke Arms Llc Ar-15 Slt-2 Straight Triggers

Timney Remington 700 Hit Triggers. Thanks to the growing popularity of long-range shooting, Timney Triggers customers have been clamoring for a purpose-built long range trigger that’s perfect for precision Remington 700 actions and clones. With the Timney Hit trigger, company engineers condensed all of these features demanded by Timney customers into one perfect trigger designed to aid long-range shooters in ringing steel. The Timney Hit trigger rises above other Model 700 triggers in the company’s lineup, thanks to an all-new geometry that’s easy to use and adjustable from 8 ounces to 2 pounds. Each component inside the Hit trigger is machined. There are no MIM parts inside the trigger, nor are there any

Timney Remington 700 Hit Triggers

Triggertech Ar-15 3.5 Lbs Fixed Independence Trigger. TriggerTech produces a trigger that drastically changes functionality by using a roller. Other trigger designs play with pivots and polishing to try to attain the best break possible. TriggerTech uses patented Frictionless Release Technology that distinctly improves feel and accuracy. It uses rolling friction leading to unparalleled performance. Drop-in design for lowers with .154″ pins . *Short two-stage *Curved trigger face *Zero Creep Release provided by Frictionless Release Technology *Fixed 3.5lb trigger break *Enhanced Reset Control with sub .030″ reset *Hammer, Sear and Trigger are all Stainless Steel and

Triggertech Ar-15 3.5 Lbs Fixed Independence Trigger

Hiperfire Ar-15 Hipertouch Series Trigger Assemblies. Hiperfire’s revamped Hipertouch trigger line gives the AR-15 shooter an impressive array of options in a single-stage trigger with shorter pre-travel, faster reset, and increased hammer energy than the standard G.I.-type trigger. Dual coil springs across the top of the Hiperfire trigger reduce friction on the sear and increase hammer striking power by 35% over a “mil-spec” trigger, while a pair of interchangeable color-coded springs let you choose between a 2.5 lb. or 3.5 lb. pull weight. Of course, all the Hipertouch models give your AR-15 a smooth, consistent pull with just a hint of creep, a snappy break, and a very short over-travel, followed by fas

Hiperfire Ar-15 Hipertouch~ Series Trigger Assemblies