Troy Industries Ar-15 Sight Set. Rugged, flip-up sights provide failsafe backup when your primary optic or red dot sight fails. Sight body flips up easily when you need it and locks securely in place under powerful spring pressure and two locking detent balls, so it can’t be accidentally bumped down until you hit the spring-loaded button on the left side of the base to retract it. Base clamps securely to any military or commercial Picatinny rail using a standard flathead screwdriver. No protruding knobs or levers to catch on brush, clothing, or other equipment. Sturdy, protective “ears” shield posts and apertures from impact. Rear sights bolt to flattop receiver rail and are only .460″ high when fo

Troy Industries Ar-15 Sight Set

Troy Ar-15 Sight Set

Troy Industries Ar-15 45 Degree Offset Sight Set. Durability and dead-on accuracy have made Troy Industries Folding BattleSights the choice of Special Ops and tactical users worldwide. The TROY 45 Degree Folding BattleSights fold compactly to both sides of the rifle. With an ambidextrous sight base, TROY 45 Degree BattleSights work seamlessly with magnified optics. Easy to install and deploy, these sights position apertures at factory height. A stainless-steel cross-locking system ensures sight remains upright and zeroed under extreme combat conditions. This set features a M4 style front sight and Dioptic rear sight. Note: Sight is designed to work on same plane rail systems only. Will not work with a railed gas block that is higher or l

Troy Industries Ar-15 45 Degree Offset Sight Set

Ultradyne Usa C4 Folding Front And Rear Sight Combo. Ultradyne’s Combo set for the C4 Folding Front and Folding Rear Sight sets feature Dynalign Technology, allowing for all the sight elements to move together, maintaining a concentric sight picture at all times. Made from 4140 Chrome Moly Steel and salt bath nitride finish as well as anodized aluminum Rear sight weight: 2.5 ounces, Front sight weight: 2.2 ounces Rear sight 1.38″ wide and .369″ tall when stowed, front sight 1.21″ wide and .369″ tall when stowed Interchangeable Aperture Available Includes 12 MOA Dynalign aperture. 8,10,and 14 MOA available. The Combo set regains full range of rear windage adjustment and guar

Ultradyne Usa C4 Folding Front And Rear Sight Combo

Knights Armament Ar-15 45 Degree Offset Sight Set Clamp Mount. The KAC 45 Degree 200-600 Meter Offset Folding Clamp Mount Sight Kit allows shooters easy access to a set of backup iron sights for close range target engagements without the need to remove their primary optic. The sights attach securely to the 12 o’clock rail position and once deployed, a quick roll of the rifle is all that’s needed to acquire a useable sight picture. When not required the sights fold neatly to the right of the rifle’s top rail. The Offset Sight Kit includes an elevation adjustable 200-600 Meter Micro Rear Sight and finger adjustable Micro Front Sight assembly. The Clamp Mount design on this sight set allows for a robust attachment, for those look

Knights Armament Ar-15 45 Degree Offset Sight Set Clamp Mount

Kns Precision Ar-15 Post Front Sight Pack. Seven, A2-style, front posts let you choose the right sight picture for improved hunting and target shooting accuracy. Tapered, round post with .072″ ball top; tapered post with .052″ ball top; tapered post with .034″ ball top; square post with .072″ square top; square post with .052″ square top; square post with .034″ square top; and two-way .072″ square post with V-notch top and inverted V top.

Kns Precision Ar-15 Post Front Sight Pack

Necg Rifle Masterpiece Hood. Hoods are available as plain. Window-style hood features light-admitting side cutouts for use with fiber optic front sights.

Necg Rifle Masterpiece Hood

Lee Shaver Post & Aperature Card, Redfield/Alley. Developed specifically for silhouette shooters using popular globe front sights. Thinner, more versatile crosshairs, posts and apertures do away with thick, bulky insert; won’t hide that 500 meter ram or tiny “black” you need to hit.

Lee Shaver Post & Aperature Card Redfield/Alley

Magpul Ar-15 Mbus Gen 2 Tactical Rear Sight. Low-profile, flattop-mounted, polymer sights deploy instantly at the touch of a finger to provide backup sighting if a primary optic fails. Streamlined contours mean there’s nothing to snag on brush, sling, or other gear when folded. Spring-loaded ambidextrous release mechanism lets you hit the grooved tab on either side of the sight to deploy, and lock it in place. Hitting the same tabs retract the sight when you’re done. Uses less than 1″ of MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny receiver rail space and locks securely in place with the included steel crossbolt. Provides the same height over bore as standard A2 iron sights. Windage-adjustable rear sight has two apertures: a large, .185&

Magpul Ar-15 Mbus Gen 2 Tactical Rear Sight