Zenith Firearms Mke Trigger. As standard on all Zenith roller-delayed blowback firearms Compatible with all roller-delayed blowback firearms Genuine MKE replacement part Manufactured in Turkey by MKE

Zenith Firearms Mke Trigger

Zenith Firearms Mke Trigger

Battle Arms Development Ak-47 Ekg Trigger Kit. Battle Arms provides the EKG AK Trigger Kit as an economical way to improve your AK pattern rifle. Maximum compatibility with most standard production AK patterned firearms. Enhanced hammer geometry to eliminate that “”hump”” feel when charging the AK, to give you that smooth custom feel. Thru-harden steel HRC 42-45. Due to proper heat treat, this minimizes internal wear or mushrooming the back of the carrier from over hardened hammers. Two raised dimples on the back to allow for an easy index of hammer spring. Made in the USA for 922r compliance 3 Pieces . Comfortabl

Battle Arms Development Ak-47 Ekg Trigger Kit

Bixn Andy Triggers Remington 700 Marksman Triggers. Bix’n Andy adds to its ever-expanding lineup of exemplary triggers. Today they answer the call of many American shooters wanting the famous Bix’n Andy ball trigger technology with a trigger force of up to 3.25 pounds. Not only does Bix’n Andy bring you the higher trigger force but in addition the ability to shoot single stage or two stage with the same trigger. First and Second stages allow one to set trigger force independently, for a total weight of 13 oz to 4 pounds. In addition, the length of shoe travel can be set from 0 to 7mm. This trigger promises to be nothing short of a knockout in the tactical, hunting, and law enforcement disciplines.

Bixn Andy Triggers Remington 700 Marksman Triggers

Power Custom Ruger 10/22 Pre-Travel Adjustable Hammer & Sear Kit. Easy-to-install kit replaces factory parts to eliminate trigger pre-travel and roughness for a clean, crisp, custom pull with little or no gunsmithing. Adjust the setscrew in the sear with the included Allen wrench to take up pre-travel, then lock screw in place with your favorite thread locking adhesive. Sear and hammer geometry is custom designed to produce a lighter pull and a smoother trigger return. EDM machined from A2 tool steel and heat treated to Rc 56-58, with precision-ground engagement surfaces vapor honed for smoothness. Some guns may require minor fitting for correct engagement of safety, described in the detailed instructions. Hammer/sear sets are produced as matched pairs

Power Custom Ruger~ 10/22~ Pre-Travel Adjustable Hammer & Sear Kit

Timney Ruger 77/22 ; 77/17; 77/357; 77/44; 77/50 Sear & Spring. Hardened stainless steel sear provides a crisp 2 1/2 lb. weight of pull. Sear notch is surface ground for correct angle and engagement. Includes reduced power return spring and complete instructions.

Timney Ruger~ 77/22~; 77/17; 77/357; 77/44; 77/50 Sear & Spring

Ruger 10/22 trigger Guard Assembly, Complete. FITS: 10/22 DSP, .22; 10/22 R,RB, .22; 10/22 RBI Blue & SS, .22; 10/22 RP Synthetic Blue & SS, .22

Ruger 10/22~trigger Guard Assembly Complete

Bat Machine Remington 700 Adl Aluminum Triggerguard. Beautifully machined with a highly polished finish to look better and last longer than the original factory part. Polished Black replaces the fragile, plastic piece. Polished Silver replaces the bead-blasted, factory part. Drop-in fit on Remington 700 ADL and other rifles with a blind magazine.

Bat Machine Remington 700 Adl Aluminum Triggerguard

Wilson Combat Ar-15 Tactical Trigger Kit. The Wilson Combat AR Tactical Trigger Kit assembly features smooth, precision-machined engagement surfaces and an ultra-slick Nickel Teflon finish that removes the gritty feel of standard AR triggers. The ultra-smooth trigger action and crisp reset will improve your shooting without reducing reliability. The single-stage trigger pull is within mil-spec tolerances for construction and weight and our enhanced chrome silicon springs will far outlast standard springs. The Nickel Teflon finish is highly corrosion resistant and requires less lubrication than standard USGI parts. This trigger assembly is a simple, economical upgrade for your hard use AR platform rifle and i

Wilson Combat Ar-15 Tactical Trigger Kit